Presenting a storybook fantasy Tarot deck, uniquely illustrated, and digitally painted between 2017-2021.

The Book of Adeptus pays homage to the traditions of Rider-Waite & Thoth, but each card has been re-envisioned in the Astral Light of Adeptus. His story is our story, words for those who would Hear.

The stage is set upon a mythical world orbiting a distant star. Within this world reside four dynasties. The ruling families of Flames, Knives, Disks and Cups sit upon their elemental thrones.

Around the archetypal families whirl the ongoing fortunes and disasters of the Minor Arcana. Each card depicts a story with multiple interpretations. The Hermetic symbolism of the card, as per its planetary, elemental, and numerical attributes, are interwoven therein.

And high above the mortal world, eternally moving, the ancient actors of the Major Arcana watch, and interject. What role will they play?

The Artist

Ryan Ginter is an illustrator and occultist who has been studying the Tarot for over a decade. See more of his work at, and get updates on Instagram.